Friday, April 5, 2013

Unconventonal Easter Basket

Walking now, and beginning to gnaw on mouth-shapes that will one day became first real words, then language, then a personal voice, my niece is no longer a baby; she is a little girl, a little person. Although bigger, and becoming adventurous with food, she is still not quite old enough for the traditional Easter basket, the cacophony of chocolate eggs and cream eggs and such. Lately, she has been captivated by accessories, by long stranded necklaces and by soft scarves. I have so many of these things, bits of costume jewelry and vintage silk scarves that have been cast aside, as I, too, age and evolve. So, for the holiday, I wrapped a few of my once favorite necklaces, beads like bright jelly beans, wincing, a bit nostalgic, but excited to give some joy. And see the necklaces worn once more. 

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