Friday, April 5, 2013

Lucite Heels, Encore

For those who were born and raised in a generation where jellies sandals were a plastic force to truly be reckoned with, the continued and evolving popularity of lucite adorned sandals and pumps is expected; frankly, a wane in the trend and the drooling lust that it incites would be disappointing. This season, the much lauded and  repeatedly showcased purported trends are what I could consider classic staples: lucite accessories, shoes included, and elegantly combining black with white for a composition in contrasts. I both recognize and admit, though, that most do not greedily collect fine plastics and harbor arcane knowledge about their histories and production; for those, lucite is a novelty. For others, more of an aesthetic way of life. 

The simple and sophisticated design of these Diane von Furstenberg heeled sandals could make me cry. Pale, pale turquoise is not the color I would inherently choose, for myself, but it is just so ephemeral in touch, it mirrors the clear heel, and just works.

(images taken from Zappos)

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  1. Ah, the lucite heel can so easily turn trampy but DVF keeps it classy with these