Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(Still) Smells Like Team Spirit

Last Friday, for a client meeting with my extended franchise team, I maintained my loyal purple and black motif, to display my allegiances to my hometown team for the grand championship football game. A bold amethyst color and stylized scrunched sleeves, this Michael Kors blazer is a bit more youthful and trendy than most others I own, but still pairs nicely with some of my favorite professional separates. For the meeting, I wore the festive blazer over a creamily taupe and black color-blocked Calvin Klein shift dress. Manifesting the team colors directly in my work outfits certainly had no effect on the glorious victorious outcome of the Super Bowl game on Sunday evening, but, as the latest Budweiser campaign says, it is weird only if it does not work.

These costume earrings from the 1960s are adorned with large purple stones and some pearl bead detailing, an ideal blend of classic and funky design. Pieces from this era tend to be rather structural and geometric, and in many cases remind me more of a miniature sculpture than pieces of jewelry. I had my hair pulled back in a loosely taut braid, so the earrings were highlighted.

The city of Baltimore is hosting a large parade today to celebrate the team and their reign as champions. Although I no longer live there, I do have a fair amount of pride for Charm City, diverse, colorful, traditional, bizarre, dangerous, and ever evolving. Despite feeling a bit under the weather today, trying to fiercely ward off the onset of an inevitable winter cold, I wish I was down south, cheering in the familiar streets.

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  1. Amethysts are my birthstone, so I love that color! Your pearls are so gorgeous! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!