Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Percent Featured on BRIKA

I have gushed and boasted about the talents of my former roommate, forever friend, Katherine, before, and I will continue to do so, so long as I am blessed and fortunate to stay within her inspiring presence. Beautiful designs, with a partnering intelligent and strategic mind, she remains such an impressive stalwart in my life for her tenacity and her courage and her passion. Certainly, she enjoys crafting lovely things, but more so, she loves waking, fit to fight, and change the world around her. What started as a childhood hobby and continued as a mainstay in her evolution as a designer and taste-maker, jewelry, has now led to a special, invitation-based two-week sale on BRIKA.

For those living under a rock or in some other equally desolate circumstance, BRIKA is a new, curated shopping and lusting destination, specifically cultivated and edited to facilitate consumer relationships between the artisans and their customers. Essentially, think typical online shop, in the vein of Etsy, fused with more intimacy through a maker profile, featuring photographs and a brief interview with the specific designer. The business model is welcoming and elegant, and creatively synthesizes personality, as a physical boutique would, with digital presence and the accessibility of the online shopping world. I am proud of Katherine, for her perseverance and her risks in her pursuits, and for this latest accomplishment. If there is some extra cash burdening your wallet or your online bank account, I invite you to peruse the wares; nothing quite combats winter doldrums like a new piece of fun.

(image taken from BRIKA)