Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shielding the Cold

Providing any further comment on how cold the weather has been in recent weeks in the northeast, and frankly most of the country, is entirely unnecessary. This past week, my stratagem for combatting the big chill has been layering cowl neck sweaters with turtle necks, something possibly visually redundant, but unsurprisingly quite effective. Heather gray and glittering gold is one of my favorite color combinations; in this case, I felt toasty warm as well as polished. The trick, for this type of layering, is to partner a looser sweater, preferably one with kimono or dolman-style sleeves, with a tighter fitting cotton tee underneath.

Cold weather or no, my steel gray lucite bangle was an ideal accompaniment to my layers of metallic and neutral fabrics. 

Roommate and dear friend Katherine gave me these golden rhinestone earrings while we were both still in school; the shape always reminds me of perfect crystalline snowflakes. After living together for years, she certainly understood my aesthetic likes intimately: classic retro design, simple yet bodacious and memorable, and a respectable amount of sparkle. Currently far away in California, wearing these always causes me to pause; I miss her terribly, and hopefully a trip will be in the works once the air thaws slightly.

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  1. I love gold! It's always look elegant and chic! :)

    xx Daphne of