Friday, January 25, 2013

Beard Salve for the Filmmaker: Polished and Protected

The other weekend I spent an afternoon relaxing with my sister Elizabeth, posturing as a stereotypical DUMBO yuppy: we sipped mochas and idly perused the expensively alluring kitchen and home wares at West Elm. The shop is like an adult playground for those with liberal arts degrees and disposable income, with a wide array of tantalizing accessories like specialty locally produced mayonnaise, infant-sized cast iron skillets, and oak wood cheese serving boards. On a sale shelf, I found a small tin of Beard Scent, and Elizabeth convinced me to pick some up for my filmmaker, whose beard generally ranges from tame Brooklyn artist length to tame grizzly mountain man length. Moisturizing and aromatic, the perfume is a synthesis of rich, old forest and fresh citrus. I was dubious, at first, as to how much this product would be used, given that my man favors spending money on books and music and art over wardrobe and grooming any day. He seemed mildly unenthused, at first, but finds the salve perfect for sculpting down wild, wiry beard hairs that grow unruly during a shower or after a face-in-pillow sleep. It is also a great product for dry and itchy skin, a completely undesirable and almost inevitable effect of these freezing winter temperatures. For any man, or lady, of distinction who wishes to alleviate and soothe skin irritation, control body hair into smooth submission, and smell smart, this product is ideal.

(image taken from Dapperism) 

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