Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frye Fever...

So, after some rather unnecessary deliberation and balking on the expense before decided to take the plunge with my first pair of Frye boots, I cannot stop. A rabid leather-loving, craftsmanship-caring, details-desiring beast has been born, and nurtured by the simple fact that online perusing new boot styles while bored at work certainly passes the hours. Since my wardrobe is already more than saturated with chocolate and honey tinted brown boots, my next material prey will be black, flat, and motorcycle-inspired. In about a month, I am taking my first vacation of the year, jetting off to London with one of my best friends, to visit another dear friend. Beyond excited, I know from experience that European touring requires sturdy, comfortable footwear. While in Paris last spring, my tall ombre riding boots were critical for mounting tall cathedrals, maneuvering winding cobble stone streets, and shopping without tiring through the various markets. Since my expert packing strategy for international adventures typically involves choosing a single primary neutral and choosing fun, interesting basics around it, and since black is generally the most accessible neutral in my closet, these boots can definitely be impractically justified. Totally. My hunger is rational.

(image taken from Zappos)

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  1. You cannot buy a better pair of boots than Fryes - your desire to add these boots to your collection before your next adventure is absolutely justified and rational. Just make sure you leave yourself time to break them in!