Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emerald Lust

Last night, my dear, and regrettably far away, friend Lily sent me a tempting and taunting Pinterest pin, capturing these modernized art deco-inspired earrings, unintentionally making me green with envy. Rightly so, she noted in her message that the design immediately reminded her of me, though, the lively snake green color is not one that I regularly embrace. With such an exhaustive jewelry collection as mine, gleaned from various dusty corners of consignment and vintage shops from across the country, I do have a few pieces in emerald green. So, though I do not have anything resembling the sharp angles of these earrings, I can alleviate this pin-induced desire with something emerald in my jewelry box at home. 

Until this point, I have remained strong, and have resisted joining Pinterest and falling into the time-suck mesmerized vortex, while still maintaining a mild pulse on the digital noise, to stay cognizant of the contributions to social media marketing and general digital visual dialogue. It has been quite the trial of will and stamina. Lily, again unintentionally, is not exactly bolstering my already tenuous fortitude, to preserve some of my time and reduce procrastination. For now, Pinterest will stay in the background, but emerald accessories will definitely be brought to a prominent forefront. 

(image taken from Bauble Bar) 


  1. Those are gorgeous!! I love the shape! I joined pinterest a while ago but I never use it, haha...I haven't been sucked in...yet

  2. ohhhhhhlala. there is something so deco about emerald even with these contemporary settings.
    love these earrings!


  3. Love these! I have been searching for some emerald jewels - I hardly have any green in my closet or jewelry collection. These are really pretty and I love the art deco look.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  4. Oh I love these! Emerald of course is my birthstone and a favored color of mine. Pinterst is wonderful, though nothing more than a time waster.