Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daze and Glaze

Through some unknown, in origin and legitimacy, grant, my company has been award program management training courses, intensively overviewing the blatantly self-evident and numbing "theory" and some equally obvious but more directly pragmatic general processes and templates. Basically, this all translates to me dozing, like a coiled snake with eyes open, or sitting in a comatose but mildly conscious daze, utterly disinterested. It is funny, to find the theoretical foundations of one area so fascinatingly compelling and enthralling, and of another so frustratingly tedious. For me, discussing theoretical physics, chaos theory, sociobiological models, all hold my attention easily; analyzing project work flow and whether a specific series of activities represent start-to-start or finish-to-start serve solely to stunt my neural synapses. For today's session, my dazed fantasy has been a lackadaisical afternoon in a crystalline, sky blue pool, too many drinks imbibed and one in hand. Spinning and toying lazily with an inflated inner tube. I rarely, if ever, flagrantly zoned out during classes, through grade school or at university, a nerd to the core; thankfully, I am a quick learner. 

(image taken from This is Marilyn)

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