Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Borrowing Bardot's Barrette

For the most part, I am a shower in the morning, before work, kind of girl, though, admittedly, there are times when it just does not happen. Running late, dallying with my outfit, drinking my coffee at a too leisurely pace. Unfortunately, on such occasions when a shower and the subsequent blow dry style, or even the neatly twisted braid, are not in my future, my hair gets more than a bit neglected. This morning, I was refreshed and clean from an evening, post-intense-gym-work out shower and an early night to sleep, but my hair was more than unruly; brushed, it simply appeared more tousled and reminded me of the fluffy ears of a young puppy. To be diplomatic, and forgiving to myself, it had a very organic air about it. Just in time, I remembered the wonderful saving graces of a single barrette, pulling just a bit of my hair up and back, allowing the rest of the thick tresses to continue their untamed cascade down my shoulders and back. In a true Parisian girl spirit, I quickly tied a black and white polka dot silk scarf around my neck, to pair with my striped tee shirt and red heels. Allons-y.

(image taken from Trend Land)

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  1. I am awful when it comes to hair. I have no patience or skill. Alas! That photo represents everything I wish my hair was!