Friday, April 6, 2012

Three Dimensionally Printing Shoes: Style and Comfort

It is perfectly apt, perhaps even symbolic of syncopation, that the filmmaker should share with my this article from The Creators Project: not only has the concept of three dimensional printing and its implications both on consumerism and aesthetics been of interest to me since attending a lecture by performance artist Stelarc, a number of years ago, today, I spent hours touring Paris on foot, frequently and vehemently cursing my flat, practical nearly to the point of unattractive loafers. While I still prefer a leather shoe to most other materials, particularly over plastics, most three dimensional printing capabilities encompass and encounter synthetics only; fashion designers have already divined techniques to combine printing with hand craftsmanship to create intricate pieces of foot architecture in luxurious and natural fibers. Between some of the designs showcased on the runway recently, and the ingenuity of budding artists, and their accompanying technological partners, these methods could be more accessible and more ubiquitous than most would have estimated a few years ago.

(image taken from The Creators Project)


  1. What a cool project and these 3-D shoes are so unique. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Loving these shoes. I'm wondering if the material choice could drop the price point a bit too? I'm probably just being overly optimistic ;)


  3. These shoes are so cool .. haha nice pick.

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