Thursday, April 5, 2012

Packing on Trend: Neutrals and Neon

Packing for a vacation that tags onto the end of a business trip is not an easy task, especially if there is only one real clothing suitcase that is being towed along, so, very limited geography; this scenario is, in fact, quite daunting and one that I chose not to confront until the night before flying to Rome. I decided to adopt the most pragmatic strategy: sole reliance upon neutrals, namely black and some camel. The camel tweed jacket served well over a tailored camel dress for my meeting, and then later was worn casually over a black tee shirt and black denim. In order to sate my occasionally wild appetite for bombastic flair, I brought along an arsenal of fun accessories, along with a few that would be considered professionally worthy.

Typically, most trends, inherently fleeting, do not interest me. Neophytic obsession with neon would generally be included, although it is difficult to avoid subconscious persuasion with the rarely subtle bombardment from professional street style online omnipotents; however, luckily, statistics of sheer volume are on my side, and I have a variety of 1960s neon costume jewelry pieces. This pair of earrings, emulating a cluster of cherries in some respects, cherries perhaps grown in a bed of nuclear remnants giving them this unnatural and eerie glow, have lain mostly forgotten in one of my jewelry boxes until this season. Lately, they seem to be one of the only pairs I am drawn to, particularly when wearing my hair up and I would like earrings that dangle and give some further depth.

Wine and resting, after a rousing tour of Sacre Couer and Montmartre, soundtrack: Du Jazz dans le Ravin Serge Gainsbourg


  1. I love those earrings and think pairing them with the camel jacket is perfect.

  2. love the jacket and earrings on!