Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Super Fine Shoes and Superfine

After returning from my vacation in Paris, before whisking away again across the Atlantic to Barcelona for my conference, I spent the weekend visiting my family in the city. My mother and father had journeyed up north from Baltimore, staying in an apartment in Carroll Gardens, which they had also sub-let last summer, so I was able to squeeze some great, quality reunion time in just two days.

Since my father decided to head back home on Saturday morning, Saturday night was just the ladies; David graciously offered to watch the baby, so we were free and on the loose. Before heading out for drinks and dinner at an eccentric and always delicious and comfortable local joint, Superfine, we snapped this beauty. Elizabeth and I have a longstanding, perpetually escalating joke about the various frivolous posts young girls do on various social networking sites, particularly the one that need not be named. Mainly, the shoes in a circle photograph never ceases to be hilarious. Here, we thought our rather neutral and definitively flat loafers and clogs definitely needed to be captured and memorialized, for all of our favorite friends and casual acquaintances to admire. Ten dollars to whomever can guess which are mine; free hint: they were purchased in Paris.


  1. I love the shoes that you are all wearing. I hope that you had a lovely evening out xo

  2. Great shot! I think every girl loves a good shoe pic right?!

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    Peace. Love. LOL!


  3. Ah! I'm am positive of which shoes are yours and I love them!