Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Stroll

Between the pet cheetah, surely only superficially tame and domesticated, muscles thin and taunt, prepared to pounce or stalk or lunge at any moment of surprise, the beautifully sturdy and sophisticated pumps, and the what I believe to be some type of whole fox stole, fur carcasses artfully cured and draped, I do certainly wish I could swap lives, or at least, for a few moments, temporal-spatial coordinates and realities with Phyllis Gordon.

(image taken from Retronaut)


  1. Ah, if only! Hope the rest of your trip went well!

  2. I do not like the fox!

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  3. A: im a smartass...that is more or less what the tone of voice in this post is. im well-aware that not all beggars are using the money on drugs and booze. :)

  4. A: haha i couldnt agree more...he literally got the cheapest beer in the store. i would have bought him something better if he had just asked ;) you should definitely check out venice sometime. once you're away from the touristy stuff it is AMAZING.