Friday, April 20, 2012

Polka Dots and the Liver

Attending a large, international medical conference in a European city is always a fascinating bit of sartorial observation; there is the complete style spectrum, from smart pumps and beautifully tailored pencil skirts, silk blouses, on woman of pert and pleasant frames, to bulky and loose collared shirts, hanging out and below the belly, hair disheveled and in disarray. In the case of hepatologists and gastroenterologists, the juxtaposition of complete sophistication with utter mess is hilarious. Today, I decided to wear some black sheer polka dot tights, a choice a bit more on the fringe in terms of what is, perhaps, expected or ubiquitous, however, they were a brilliant pairing with my sleek dress and suit jacket. They may have garnered a few more stares, though, hopefully, they were admiring rather than admonishing.

(image taken from Lockerz)


  1. I love these tights! I am a major polka dot lover. I bet you looked great.


  2. I've wanted some polka dot tights for so long! I love them, especially the ones with big dots. Might need to get some soon :)