Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long Hair Lusting, or, Busy Before Barcelona

Before I departed for Barcelona, I had intended to squeeze a hair appointment into my schedule; unfortunately, long hours, a beautiful weekend with my family, and a marathon of packing, complete with trying on various permutations and shopping for a new jacket. Thankfully, in a gracious and generous and rare bounty of bodacious beauty from the hair goddesses, my blunt bangs are brushing elegantly to the side, their potentially awkward length avoiding my eyes and not obscuring any of my vision. Despite watching numerous tutorial vignettes online, I still cannot quite create luscious braids, but, for once, my hair is staying fairly straight. Hotel hair dryers are notoriously weak and modest, especially in a slightly pathetic joint in the crustier and more eccentric neighborhoods of town, but, again, for once, my bathroom appliances are working in my favor. I will relish in this all now, because back on the East Coast, the humidity is already saturating the air, destroying well-styled looks instantaneously.

(image taken from The Pursuit Aesthetic)


  1. That is so cool it ended up working out for hair, I hate when there's not time to get in a hair appt. This braid is gorgeous, I wish my hair was that long. hehe, Great post and good luck with the East Coast humidity


  2. lovely HAIR!!!!

    -fashion illustrator-

  3. Sometimes just embracing what you've got going on up there is the best thing to do. I spent years fighting my minute waves and have found that if I just go with it, my hair looks MUCH better.