Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day

Today has been monumentally awful; the reasons can be very precisely pinpointed and are all professional in nature, however, I am so beyond frustrated that digressing and divulging will offer no solace. Despite this foul mood, I was still delighted to be reminded me of this momentous occasion: Pi Day. Marveling at the steadfast and reliable beauty of mathematics, its permeance and import in my life and the workings of the reality surrounding me, does not offer a complete recovery, but does place a great perspectival lens on the view from here in my eyes.

Ideally, this afternoon and evening would be spent in baking and eating pies to commemorate this blessed number and force in mathematics; alas, my ability to maneuver a hand-made crust would most likely leave something to be desired. Perhaps a grocery store version would suffice, though, after a childhood being spoiled by my mother and grandmother, this is doubtful. I cannot wait for the local farmer's market to open its stalls once more for the spring and summer season; the baker's cart is an impeccable replacement to the goods fresh from my mother's oven.

(image taken from this isn't happiness)


  1. I LOVE THAT PIE! to be honest... I kind of hate pie. I love the crust but there isnt enough for the amount of overly sugary fruit that prolly tasted better fresh anyway.

    But Still... I kind of get the urge to make this pie reguardless of the fact that I prolly would pawn it off on my room mate.

    Im excited for the farmers market to open as well! We have one year round every wednesday but it doesnt open until late afternoon.

    I started following you via bloglovin and gfc! Excited to share our life experiences!


    PS: I love man ray's photograph.. "cuddle" I believe that is what it is called.

  2. I hope that things get better with you. And Pi Day is clearly a reason to celebrate :P

  3. woohoo pi day. pie crust is easy in a food processor. give it a shot!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  4. pie is seriously one of my favorite desserts (apple and pumpkin to be exact) so i certainly enjoy pi day. too bad yesterday didn't come with any pie.

    also, i tagged you for a blog award. check out the post: