Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outfit for a Monday: Mint Mania

Mint, the transient hue between pale baby blue and light green, with a spectrum of chromatic flavors ranging from spear to pepper, has been a completely visually invasive and intrusive trend the past few months. I succumbed to the frenzy, and wore this nearly translucent mint cardigan on Monday, a shade that reminds me of mostly permeable amphibian skin, nearly white layers revealing passages of shifting blood, pulsing organs. Rather than these beautiful anatomic revelries, my thin veil of mint covered a silk champagne camisole. My deep green and camel pseudo-twill slacks infuse me with a desire to go fox hunting, despite having ridden astride a horse maybe once in my life, certainly not at a speed over a few miles an hour, and having no experience with hunting dogs whatsoever. Unfortunately, despite my love for the colors and the texture, these slacks are often neglected. The mint complemented the darker green as well as the camel brown, while lending a fresh, spring appropriate levity to the overall look.