Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saint Valentine

Today, I am in love with: my beautiful growing niece and her toothless goofy grin, always unabashed and instantly charming; her beautiful mother, my sister, who is eternally supportive and available for a laugh or a cry; my brilliant younger brother who is wickedly sarcastic but also so kind and caring and sensitive; my dear filmmaker, who believes in me and pushes me to conquer fears and anxieties, reminds me that simple and fulfilling happiness is not an impossibility or an uncertainty; my incredible friends who constantly inspire and challenge me; Glenn Gould on piano; Henry Miller and Lydia Davis and Charles Simic; Noam Chomsky, and his doppelganger that wanders around the streets of my town; French cuff blouses and cuff links; Daniel Day-Lewis; Diane von Furstenberg; tailored navy blazers; Louis Armstrong; chocolate covered pretzels, then drenched in toffee bits; roast chickens; and pencil skirts.

(image taken from The Pursuit Aesthetic)


  1. YOU ARE AWESOME ! this is the best valentine's day post ever.