Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Lusting, or, Matrimony

My friend and colleague Nicole is planning her wedding, an inherently daunting task made even more beastly and behemoth by the fact that her family resides in South Africa and her fiancé's family lives on the southern coast of California. Her end reward will be two incredible ceremonies, one in California and the second on a bucolic farm in her homeland, however, the journey there, the various challenges and decisions that will either induce tears or a propensity for alcoholism, will be long.

The entire cast of histrionics around selecting bridesmaids, bonding with them, and appointing unto them, sometimes maliciously, their apparel for the big date, seems to evince the most tension, the most tears and the most stiff drinks guzzled. Nicole and I have discussed her ideas around appropriate and attractive bridesmaid attire a number of times over the last few months; we each share the opinion that conventional dresses are ludicrously expensive and absolutely horrifying, confused that the tradition of ugly maidens around a beaming bride seems to be a steadfast and honored one. One of my friends from high school decided to go against the grain: her bridesmaids, all stunning girls with rather different personal tastes, selected their own dresses, with the only instruction being to remain within the chromatic confines of deep navy. The group was probably one of the most attractive bridal parties I had ever seen, physically, but also stylistically: they did not appear to be tousled and teased and heavily lipsticked automatons that came marching from a satin weaving factory. Nicole is also leaning towards this more contemporary strategy, as well as the color navy.

Inspired to do some research, I stumbled across an array of Diane von Furstenberg dresses, beautifully sculpted, ideal for a formal occasion, though not exclusively. While I generally obsess over her patterns, I love her draping as well, and love the simplicity in color and tone here in these examples that allows the structure to be the dominant force. Since I already have a kitchen of wares and other such absolutely necessary appliances, perhaps when I plan my wedding, I will register over at her store in the Meat Packing district.

(images taken from Saks Fifth Avenue)


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  5. Sounds like a wonderful registry, while I am always lusting after housewares I do have quite a collection already...