Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moleskines and Red

Whether it be with academic essays, poems, fiction, comprehensive medical reports or strategy matrices or other documents for work, I have always felt more adept drafting and writing by hand, as opposed to on the keyboard. When I can concentrate on the physical maneuvers and coordination required to write, I can think and draft without distraction; the visceral act becomes synchronized with the neural processes. Since university, I have carried around with me a blank sketchpad, in which I occasionally draw, but mostly scribble down poems, thoughts, captured and stolen moments of overheard conversations or bizarre imagery. I have carried the exact same sketchpad, for years now, slowly filling in the pages; within the next week or so, it will be full, sated, complete.

Part of my resolution for this year is to spend more time writing, something that, to date, I have been marginally competent at accomplishing; the year, though, is young, so, I persevere. Recently, one of my poems was accepted for publication at an online magazine, adjunct to a literary press; I look forward to seeing my piece there, and to the potential of some of my work being read by a broader audience, beyond myself and a handful of close loved ones. When I purchase my new moleskine, or sketchpad, or whatever it may be, I hope that it does not take nearly so long to fill with my words.

(Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie)


  1. There is something special about filling up a notebook or even starting a new one. Writing is so important.

  2. You write beautiful.

  3. Great ideas and good taste.

  4. Writing cant be replaced with anything! That is true.

  5. lovely ideas and taste. very nice way to go it. way better when phone apps allow you to write something down

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  6. i've actually been meaning to purchase one of these. we run into so many inspirations everyday and there's only so much we can capture on our phones..i feel a notebook is the most tangible

  7. i've wanting to get one of these for the longest time!
    best of luck to yours!