Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Apartment on a Concrete Prairie: Cream and Dusty Pink

Last Saturday, the filmmaker and I journeyed to a nearby small town, pioneering to new territory, to explore a consignment shop of strong repute, which I found to be quite disappointing, at least as far as the woman's section was concerned. The selections for gentlemen were the draw there: plethora of freshly dry-cleaned and pressed dress shirts, which had obviously been worn once or twice by the previous investment banking weasels, or, gurus, depending on their internal sensibilities and intentions. After our unsuccessful treasure hunt, with minimal yield, we required sustenance; the temperature had dropped by that point rather significantly, so, Thai curries sounded delicious and warming. Panang curry on a chilly winter afternoon is ideal.

While I am always magnetically lured to the maxi skirt, when I actually wear them, I often second-guess myself; the reality is, they are not traditionally flattering, but with longer legs and a taller frame, they can be worn reasonably well. This particular sheer, layered, dusty pink maxi skirt features an elastic waist band, a crucial characteristic when Thai curry is involved. I found it on discount out at Jeremy's, a discount shop in Berkeley.

We had originally packed a pair of bananas for the road, to maintain our vitals status during the trek to the neighboring town; unfortunately, they remained abandoned in the console of the car. Alas, we did not have any molten chocolate to dip the frozen banana flesh into; once bananas are a bit browned and soft and sweet, I feel like chocolate is the next step. Anyway, tangential aside aside: trying to pose with fruit and my handbag before the lens for the filmmaker was awkward, more so than usual, particularly with the array of discarded junk that resides near the dumpsters near where I park my car in my apartment lot towering prominently in the back. Thankfully, his patience and understanding are both at a maximum threshold.

Admittedly, I was perhaps a bit rash in my harsh judgment of illuminating and highlighting the glory of suede leopard shoes in my previous rant. Though the animalistic inspiration for this pair of shoes is hackneyed and does not involve any of my favorite invertebrates, I still love wearing them.

I wish this cream and camel paisley patterned Marc Jacobs jacket were thicker, so that I could wear it more frequently throughout the winter. Last weekend, it did not serve me very well, in terms of guarding and protecting me from the elements, however, it was a great complement to my simple, cotton tee shirt and my long skirt.

I love this vintage carpet handbag, the texture and the colors and the architecture; it also matches seamlessly, chromatically, with the shades in the skirt, top, and jacket. The juxtaposition of 1960s handbag, salvaged and restored for display and use to this day, still beautiful and loved, one of many that was incidentally saved, with the trashed old aquarium, complete with small pebbles, is still completely amusing.


  1. Disappointing about the consignment shop. At least you were chic-ly attired, had excellent company and curry was involved.

    Let the bananas get even softer and make some of your delicious banana bread.

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  3. I love the colours of this outfit!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. LOLing over the aquarium filled with cedar shavings in the background ... RIP Peanut Butter, Idgie, Rusty, Choco, and Winston.

  5. Sorry to hear your shopping trip was unsuccessful. That is the downside of vintage hunting or thrifting; it's a hit or a miss. Still fun though.

  6. Hi, Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes, nice to meet you! Thank you so much for dropping in. I absolutely love your bag. I eyed it sitting on a shelf in your home when you posted your ombre boots. I love its shape and colors. Dusty rose is a great color on you. Have a great weekend. Drop in again sometime. Dawn xo