Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warm Cognac as an Accent Color

For the past three consecutive days in the office, I have wrapped myself in thick black clothing from head to foot, complete monochrome; needless to say, I am in a sort of rut, despite the rest and relaxation from Christmas break and the purported infusion of new energy and inspiration that rolls forward with the new year. On Wednesday, these two-toned shoes were the only offering of respite from the dark pit of black, black, and more black. While I would, and can, blame the bitterly cold weather, finally emerging, blanketing all in shivers and down sleeping bag-styled coats, the famed puffy, that is certainly the easy and trite route of justification and explanation. Perhaps, no less true, and even more simply, it has been mere boredom.

I found these gems at a large consignment depot at a town a hop and a short skip away; it is one of those places that definitely lacks ambiance and definitely caters to a crowd, to put it politely, that is generally not engaging with the street style, fashion, art, culture realm. So, with little competition, all the more reason to explore and reap all the wonderful wares. Warm chocolate browns, honey-tinted cognac, and the like, when coupled with black, used to be synonymous with fratricide and bestiality, and other such condemnable taboos, when I was younger and more concerned with paltry things like rules and the collective consciousness of the masses. Now, a more liberated, albeit temporarily less inspired, woman, I wear brown and black, and really any neutral pairing, wantonly.


  1. omg those shoes are so amazing.
    i bet they would look great with a vintage dress(:

    xoxo katlin

  2. These are so cute and you're totally right about the cognac color! They're perfect


  3. Cap Toe is so elegant.
    tweet @_MeganJoy

  4. i really like cap-toe shoes.. also like the harmony of cognac brown and black!

    hope you can check my blog sometime (and enjoy it) :)