Friday, January 6, 2012

(Another) Portrait of a Lady

Never mind that the title of this Harper's Bazaar editorial is a frequent, potentially now trite, allusion, now far removed from the Henry James novel, an author the public probably cannot recall, if not for high school advanced English courses, an allusion recently used to title the Wall Street Journal Magazine fashion editorial that inspired my brooch necklace, among countless others. Also, never mind that this fashion editorial concept of emulating beautifully recognizable works of art with fashion and a model was possibly first conceived and manifest during an episode of America's Next Top Model, hosted by the crazed and maniacal but always charmingly effervescent Tyra Banks, and probably not from the first or even second season, but a mediocre, contrived fifth season. Also, never mind that I do not care for Julianne Moore, though, I have fancied a handful of films in which she played a role.

This hand-painted haute couture Christian Dior gown is divine, from the architecture of the draping, to the illustrious detailing of the bizarrely, incongruent pattern. Whatever else hackneyed tactics therein, be damned, this design is genius.

(image taken from Harper's Bazaar)

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