Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seersucker After Labor Day

When I left for Chicago on Thursday, at an obscene hour of the morning, it had been raining for days up and down the east coast; when I returned at an even more obscene hour Saturday morning, and then finally awoke later that day, the sun had returned. I celebrate the success of a boring albeit productive meeting, and the return of more pleasant weather, by donning this seersucker skirt for a lazy stroll.

Seersucker is one of those fabrics that was probably originally banned, forbidden, exiled past the early days of September; while I agree that it is seasonal, I like to think it is confined to warm weather, as opposed to a specific date. This past Saturday was quite warm, almost to the temperature where I regretted my long-sleeved tee shirt, light though it was. Seizing the opportunity to wear a shorter skirt and bare my thighs without tights or leggings, probably one of the last times this season, I paid a visit to my favorite local consignment shop, sipping on an iced coffee and basking in warmth. Alas, my leisurely ambling meant arriving a mere ten minutes before the shop was intended to close; thankfully, I am a seasoned shopper, knew where and how to peruse the racks, and ended up with a collection of treasures.

There are a few competing stripe patterns in this photograph; above my bed are faux-Mondrian paintings designed and painted by myself. With the dark cherry pink and white of the skirt, I decided to wear a light white and navy cotton shirt.

These earrings do not make it out of the jewelry box often; the white and crystal cluster of sparkles design is quite versatile, especially for the summer.

I keep finding excuses to wear this brilliantly shimmering rhinestone bracelet, even with a completely casual look; it matches the earrings well. The shine reminds me of water, stretching flat to infinity and capturing the violence of light in its mouth.

This little pink clutch reminds me of Ithaca, spending early autumn afternoons outdoors, at brunch, reading, meandering with friends, the wine of youth heavy on our lips and breath.

When I try to devise some advantages to being employed as opposed to being in school, beyond the obvious steady and hopefully handsome paycheck, the most prominent is increased time for pleasure reading.

Sunday evening chocolate ice cream soundtrack: Jamie xx BBC Radio 1 mix tape session


  1. YOU REBEL. you breakin all the rulez, yo.

  2. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  3. love that skirt, and the way you write even more!
    keep blogging,
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