Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lancôme Sugared Maple

(image taken from NIBS Points of View)

(image taken from Perfume-zilla)

Although I love lipsticks, I rarely wear them when I go out and about, and almost never for any type of professional event. Typically, when it comes to business affairs, I rely on a simple foundation and some mascara. Last week, while on a very brief business trip to Chicago for a meeting, I indulged a strange whim: Lancôme Sugared Maple. While the color is rich and a bit dark, it is classic and not overtly pert, essentially, just heightening and accentuating the naturally red hue of my lips. I do not want to commit myself to any unrealistic promises and wed myself to a single tube of lipstick for the next number of decades, like the iconic and opulently, beautifully luxurious Sophia Loren, but I can appreciate having a handful of tried and true colors at my disposal.


  1. I L O V E a red lip. Classic!!

    xo Leslie

  2. Great photo! I love the colour - Now I have more of an idea of what would suit me as I'm similar colouring to the model!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  3. discovred your blog through Discotheque confusion which you follow too. Love your blog and so happy to have discovered it, Amazing imagery and cool diy's! now following would love your follow too. x