Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remember the Red, White, and Blue

On Friday, I decided to pay tribute to the rich cultural history of our beautiful lands with a simple cotton tee shirt and skirt outfit of red, white, and navy blue. A colleague, in a discussion of an upcoming business trip to the City of Light, jocularly mentioned that I looked as though I would integrate well within the French folds of Parisian life. So, perhaps the menage-a-trois of colors could call forth the patriotic, nationalist vibes of that wonderful European nation as well.

Both the tee shirt and the skirt are simple and soft cotton; adding my new braided leather belt as an accessory elevated the entire look slightly from pure, unadulterated casual to casual Friday.

These large gold sphere-drop earrings are a perfect accompaniment to a simple outfit; they are large, but embody such a clean shape and tone.

After quite a long week, filled with multiple nine to ten to more hour days, my ability to maintain composure and a straight face was waning. Facial muscle spasms set in to create goofy pouted lips and lackluster eyes.

Sunday morning coffee soundtrack: Charlie Parker Charlie Parker With Strings


  1. Love this look, very classic and sailorish :)

    -Laura xx

  2. Great post. i Hope you check out my blog.

  3. Business trip to Paris, you'll have to blog it for those of us stranded stateside.