Saturday, September 3, 2011

Outfit for a Thursday: Dress as a Skirt

I have an army of dresses in my wardrobe, in fact, an entire closet in my bedroom is almost exclusively designated to housing them; some are quite work appropriate, however, some, either from length or cut or slinky straps, are not. For those dresses that are deemed to belong to the social outing or cocktail or casual variety, I have learned a few tricks that work with a few of them, which allow me to bend the rules ever so slightly and subtly. For a dress with an appropriate cut, but perhaps thin straps, further versatility can be induced by throwing a sweater or a blouse over the top, to create the illusion of a skirt. This can also work to switch up any dress that is perhaps already, alone, suitable for corporate business casual wear.

This cream and deep navy pleated dress is elegant and classic, however, the straps are a bit too thin for comfort in my cubicle, so I wore a matching deep navy linen-cotton blend sweater. The sweater, a favorite summer piece of mine that I found at Gap last season, is a loose, boyfriend-style fit, so I belted with a recently acquired thin braided leather belt.

I found these earrings at an antiques shop in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, an obscure and probably tediously dull rural town for the common man, but a wealth of gems and treasures for the vintage and antique collector. It is a true Mecca, hidden amongst farms and highway convenience stores. The prices are very reasonable, overall, especially compared to the general New York metropolitan area, and, with enough determination and knowledge, there are true valuables to be unearthed. My mother and I have trekked through a few times, but have not visited recently; we should amend this.

Pearls kaleidoscope outward from a large rhinestone, bold cascades of iridescence, in these earrings; while they are truly a statement of shine and sparkle, I have found that they are surprisingly versatile as well.

Consignment shops are my favorite sources for leather belts; searching can require patience, and an acute eye, heightened visual and olfactory senses. Leather belts in department stores are quite expensive, independent of brand; the thin braided belt is a classic piece, and I only paid 1$.

I hope to be able to wear these Frye heels until the day I die; they are sturdy and so durable, so provided that I am of good health and strong mind, I believe I will.


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