Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Neutral Blocking: Cream, Brown, Black

I am not entirely certain when the blatantly overt named trend "color blocking" first entered the realm of sartorial public consciousness. The concept is quite intuitive, though, I suppose for some, or most, perhaps, it needs to be emblazoned across various online magazines and print editorials before the idea wakes the sleeping neurons and manifests. A mere handful of years ago, I can recall wearing bold violet or navy or jeweled teal blouses, coupling them with double-scoop American Apparel painted on dresses, worn as skirts, a fond memory. For shame, imagery neglected by the capricious and petulant whims of street style photographers. Now, such a lascivious regard for bold colors has been replaced with a stoic fidelity to my neutrals: black, camel, cream, navy, brown.

This dress has been in my wardrobe for quite some time, seemingly without proper occasion or excuse for wear. The last time I can explicitly remember wearing it was to my father's retirement tea, a few years ago. As the weather wanes to chilled caresses, to leaves dipped in melted gold and lava fires, slowly and assuredly, I decided to wear this dress to the office, before dresses without some type of appropriate hosiery became a ludicrous circumstance.

To shield my shoulders from the woes of an unrelenting air conditioning unit, which always seems to forget to call when the sun creeps towards triple digits, but always breathes down the neck once autumn begins to arrive, I threw on this cream wrap cardigan.

Neutral blocking: cream, brown, light turquoise, albeit, not conceptually or even subjectively a neutral, but the realm of imagination is my landscape, chromatic dogmas have no bound over the workings of this mind, and finally black. For a period, while this dress had been hidden away in my closet, my memories were false, envisioning deep navy for the skirt, so, the other morning I was a bit surprised to be greeted with black fabric. After battling a bizarre and cruel insect who had somehow infiltrated my kitchen, shocking and terrifying me, a bottle of noxious Windex spray as my weapon, this navy to black color surprise was quite a welcome one.

Deep brown, round earrings and cream lined with gold metal bangles to complement the neutrals of the dress, both gifts from my lovely filmmaker.


  1. i'm trying to wrap my head around how, exactly, windex can be used to kill an insect. you know that's what magazines are for, right ? :-P

  2. lol love the comment about magazines as insect killers...so are fly swatters :D

    Love your earrings!
    Come follow my blog hun!