Friday, September 30, 2011

Casual Friday: Orange Creamsicle

This week has been simultaneously calming and frenetic; I have been working furiously, though not as diligently as I would hope, on a project while attempting to physically and emotionally recover from the tribulations of my business trip to Las Vegas last weekend. Today, I am fully and reluctantly embracing the dregs of summer, sporting a tunic-style long tee shirt and lighter weight chinos. Orange and white color combinations never fail to connote a nostalgia for the delicious frozen treat, citrus and cream mingling, both sweet and a bit tart.

My hair is long overdue for a trim; traveling has proven quite the barrier to regularly scheduled appointments. Lately, as opposed to blow drying, not wanting to endure the heat and the effort, I have been wearing my hair naturally wavy.

Smiling like a fool, dreaming of a weekend of apple picking and some fall weather.

This shirt is a bit longer than most, and will pair well with either leggings or tights, perhaps with a pair of tall mahogany leather riding boots. Orange can be difficult to work with, since pairing it with black, a staple and neutral bastion in my wardrobe, is fatal; the evocation of Halloween candy and commercialism cannot be forgiven. So, I stick with either white, for the summer, or navy and browns, either chocolate or camel, in the fall as my neutrals.

The tuckered pinch in the middle of this shirt adds some movement, creates some waves that ripple outward and disrupt the symmetrical parallelism of the traditional stripe pattern.

Navy polka dots are such a classic; this scarf in particular I wear quite regularly with my navy chinos, white summer dresses, red, and gray. Combining the stripes and polka dots, unified by the white, adds a bit of texture to this relatively simple tee shirt and chinos outfit.

Large pearl bracelet worn with a heavy gold chain-like bracelet.

Navy, gold, and pearl earrings, found at a small vintage shop in a neighboring town, to complement the various elements of the look.

These nude patent leather peep-toe heels are quite possibly the most versatile shoe I own; they literally go with everything, which has been a true salvation when packing for business and needing a shoe that matches any suit.


  1. Love this look. The polka dot scarf adds a nice touch.

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  2. Love my nude patent peep toe pumps I got at the beginning of summer. You are so right, they go with everything. I even wore them this weekend even though it was getting colder....

    Enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. love the pictures and great blog, follow you <3

  4. Nice outfit!

  5. I really adore the nude patent leather peep toes - again, versatility is key to having a lasting, always-evolving wardrobe. The pearls and gold are also to die for!