Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cardigans and Thin Belts

While I can enumerate the benefits to online shopping quite easily, the foundation of which being the convenience, being able to incorporate into an individual daily schedule without adhering to store hours, avoiding the occasionally overbearing or aggressive assistance of sales associates, there are just as many weaknesses. From the disadvantage vantage, ordering incorrect sizes can be ameliorated by shopping exclusively within stores where pant, jean, blouse, dress sizes can be appropriately gauged, or by ordering multiple sizes, the latter of course incorporating a return trip for at least some of the items. For me, I tend to online shop only at stores where I feel confident in my knowledge of their garments and how they fit; even so, I can be surprised and can falter.

Earlier in the spring, I ordered some basic, light weight transitional cotton cardigans from Gap, one of those stalwarts of my online shopping, selecting the size I felt would be comfortable and suiting. Gap offered this piece in an array of colors, and I chose the versatile camel heather brown, as well as a light air blue. Alas, when they arrived, the fit was a bit looser than I had anticipated and would have wanted. Unfortunately, a burdensome work schedule and a desire to have some free time for relaxation and fun impeded the inclination to actually physically visit the store for a return or exchange. So, the loose fit has been adapted.

A looser fit works well when wearing a cardigan over a collared blouse, as they tend to also be a bit looser and not form fitting; the blouse above is a favorite cream silk of mine, which I tend to forget despite its classic cut and color. To even better provide sufficient shape, I finished my look with a thin eggplant leather belt, to accentuate the waist, to remind everyone that it is still there beneath the two layers of fabric.

I like the look of the curved, soft blouse collar with the deep plunging v-neck of the cardigan; it is a great contrast.

With a cardigan, I prefer a thinner belt, as opposed to some of my wide leather belts, which I will use to accent a dress or certain longer tunics, because of the proportions: this cardigan is on the shorter end of the spectrum, in terms of length, and a wider belt would be overwhelming. Eggplant and deep purple are great color choices for camel and brown, especially when the rest of the outfit is subtle and neutral.

Thursday afternoon soundtrack: James Blake James Blake (self-titled debut album)


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  2. I always like wearing a belt with my outfit. It just adds a feminine touch.