Friday, August 26, 2011

Come On Irene

Originally, I had planned to spend this weekend gallivanting and giggling between the sharp rays of sun in frivolous dresses with my lovely friend friend, up in Providence. Unfortunately, the raging humors of Irene caused me to doubt my plans, vacillate between travel and sanctuary, then familial turmoil and various tornadoes of misunderstanding arose. Simply, I decided to stay put, and while I feel sharp pangs of disappointment and regret, I know that my trip will soon be rescheduled and Rebecca and I will be able to, hopefully, enjoy more fair weather conditions.

Last night, while trying to soothe my thoughts and make a decision, I, wisely, went out with the filmmaker for some tequila cocktails at a favorite local lounge, which is equally ridiculous and amazing. Inspired by some fashion editorials I had been perusing earlier in the afternoon, in which men's wear was prominent, I pulled out this large and long men's Brooks Brothers dress shirt from underneath my bed, stowed safe and sound in some storage containers. I paired the dress-like dress shirt with a relatively recent acquisition, very tight and light, almost white, denim pants from Gap. For the finish, I wore a pair of tall black wedges.

Men occasionally complain about the lack of accessorizing they are afforded; foolish, and naive, I say, for cuff links are some of the best outfit accents around. For this French cuff shirt, I have a pair of large black square cuff links, with just the slightest whisper of glitter in them, found at a random consignment shop. When worn together, with the sleeves rolled and folded to about three-quarter length, this men's dress shirt actually appears to be a lady blouse, with some embellishment.

I definitely cannot imagine a man wearing these, but, I am surely glad that I found them.

To finish, and to create a balanced juxtaposition with the large shirt, I wore vintage rhinestone costume earrings, which shine and gleam wildly in the light.

Friday morning coffee soundtrack: There Is Love In You Four Tet


  1. That is such a pretty shirt. Love the big rhinestone earrings.

  2. you need a dark lipstick to make this outfit complete.

  3. we aren't supposed to get it here until 4 am sunday morning so you should be ok through saturday. have a good weekend and stay dry! unfortunately we have a dog so that's not going to happen.

  4. sounds like a lovely outfit! gorgeous earrings!


  5. wow great idea!!


  6. Love those earrings! Natalie Leung is right...that is great idea!

  7. Love the outfit with the earrings... Stay home and safe this weekend :)


  8. the earrings are absolutely amazing!

    Costin M.

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