Thursday, August 18, 2011

Betty Draper Pearls, Redux

Frequently, casual, cotton-esque blouses that have beaded or sequined embellishments, the types that are scattered across such adolescence meets emerging adulthood stores as H and M and Forever21, are immediately written off by my better judgement. While I occasionally admire the detailing, either the patterned array or the colors of the beads, I usually cannot forgive the artificial fabrics and shoddy craftsmanship of the embroidery, which, consciously, I recognize and admit was probably performed under ill reputed conditions by a young child.

However, on occasion, I must throw cautionary moral and social ethics, and aesthetic dogmas, to the wind, be bold and brave, and be willing to charter foreign territory in a manifest destiny of polyester blends. This pearl blouse is one such instance, although, I do want to swear on something good and true and holy that it is wholly comprised of natural fibers. I often forget I own this blouse, and have only worn it a handful times, yet without fail, each time I garner a myriad of compliments from total strangers, generally while on secret sojourn in the ladies room of my office building.

This embellishment is splayed across the back, as opposed to the front, which simply and purely gathers and dips in a plain scoop neck; I like the alternative look, and am generally attracted to anything near the shoulder blades and spine. I wore it the other week, when it was particularly hot and when I had not a clue of what else to gather in order to cover and shield my Eden nature.

To partner with my tween-like blouse, I chose these almost identical pearl earrings. The matching nature reminds me of the costume jewelry sets from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s that I adore, but do not deign to wear collectively. Obsessively compulsively re-watching Mad Men episodes in my free time, perfect and deliciously entertaining excuses to cease productivity and pursuits of any creative, worthwhile pursuits, like editing my poetry or working on various other writing projects, I cannot help but ingest the nuances of style; matching jewelry and accessories fanatically being a prime example.

I have yet to do this, but, be warned, I will be commencing tying large, long silk scarves to all of my vintage handbags.


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  2. i love pearls too!! so chic and feminine!!

    your blog is really cute...will take a look at it again!

  3. love the pearls!
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