Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby, Boy, Bubble, and a Bumblebee

Earlier in the spring, my mother commenced sewing and constructing a beautiful quilt for my sister Elizabeth's currently gestating baby girl; both she and I are beyond ecstatic about our future granddaughter and niece. These photographs were captured during a weekend visit to my parent's home last spring, the quilt in its earliest stages, squares of fabric scattered across my mother's work table in our basement, measured precisely, trimmed neatly with sharp scissors.

Elizabeth loves natural colors, avocado and field grass greens, daffodil and canary yellows, pumpkin, corals; the colors of the various fabrics my mother selected are bright and cheerful, without being the stereotypical pinks that are seemingly ubiquitous for baby girls. Overall, Elizabeth likes the idea of more gender neutral colors for the baby; nonetheless, our mom has managed to craftily purchase a few pink floral onesies and baby sleepers.

We are hosting a baby shower luncheon for Elizabeth this Sunday, for her close friends to gather and celebrate this wonderfully exciting moment, a new life. I cannot wait to see the completed quilt; my mother is a talented seamstress. Already, I have hinted that she should begin work one similar quilts for myself and my younger brother Adam, while she is still in the sewing swing, feeling energized and nimble. In comparison, my presents seem modest, but still, I am so excited to give them to Elizabeth and to baby girl; it is quite clear that I will have no problem becoming the doting aunt who spoils her. Elizabeth is due the end of October; I have a surprise I have been thinking about, but need to get to work on executing. Hopefully, I can make the date.


  1. Those are such cute quilt prints, I think my baby brother had one just like that pattern with the lions when he was a baby. Have a nice baby shower, that's nice of you to host it.


  2. great patchwork!

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  4. Left leg, lazy lion licks a lollipop ... :-)


    ps. mom will be too busy making baby's pelican to work on a quilt for you -- sowwy ! womp womp. ;-P

  5. pps. i *think* the actual quote is "BARBER, baby, bubbles, and a bumble bee". you have no idea how many times i've read that book.

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