Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2012

A few weeks ago, I finished reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel Tender is the Night; taking place amidst the opulent and decadent expatriate community of the French Rivera, the story chronicles the complex demise of a wealthy and young married couple, who in addition to being man and wife, are psychiatrist and patient. Though, as would be expected, Fitzgerald's language and characterization, and satire, were rich, ultimately, I prefer his other works.

This resort collection was particularly evocative of the era and the environment Fitzgerald was engaging: the structured draping coupled with the accent turbans connote the fabulous lifestyles and tumultuous sentimentality of these fabulous women, whose disdain for and boredom with bustling, industrious American living drove them to the sensual laziness of the Mediterranean. The neon and neutral color palette has been particularly popular as of late, and it creates a modern, contemporary edge here. Additionally, the soft, subtle interplay of fabric with the hints of skin, predominantly around the hips and waist, lend a flair of modernity to the pieces. Once again, my lusting over this incredibly beautiful resort collection is a rather notably masochistic transference of my desire to flee a still bustling, still industrious, almost neo-Puritanical American life.

(images taken from New York Magazine, Fashion section)


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  2. What a beautiful collection! I am about to relocated outside of the United States and get mysterious, foreign vibes from these looks as well. Awesome post!


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