Monday, July 11, 2011

Outfit for a Monday: Purple and Gold

As I was dressing this morning, I realized that this outfit could be described as a type of deconstructed monochrome: disparate color particulars forming an intricate circular crystalline lattice and complementary colors gold and purple as accents, which in synergy create a deep, rich brown. When I got to the office, a few of my colleagues gave me generous and effusive compliments, one likening my dress to a costume on Mad Men, which features exclusive original pieces from the era, and another drawing a parallel to the infamous polo event scene in Pretty Woman. Naturally, I was blushing; not too bad for a particularly manic Monday, which started with back to back teleconferences and has ended with work-at-home plans for business development case studies.

This casually comfortable, yet well tailored and sophisticated, dress features slight puckering along the high neckline, as well as two delightfully discrete pockets at the waist, which are also ever so slightly gathered. The meta-pattern of the brown polka dots forming larger circles is reminiscent of a type of crystal lattice, or a supramolecular assembly. Unfortunately, despite my scientific proclivities, I did remarkably poorly in organic chemistry, at least by my standards; while I would love to continue this extended molecular metaphor for an obscene length of space, it will end here with pure jargon.

There are two seductive secrets about this dress, both of which involve the wide plum belt. First, when initially purchased, this dress came with a thin, cheaply made accessory belt, crafted of the identical polka dot fabric. Almost without fail, when clothing items are accompanied with matching belts, I discard the belt immediately, and replace it with one of my own. In this case, the plum belt adds a nuance of color, breaking up the rather busy meta-pattern. Second, the belt serves to further accentuate the waist and the quintessential feminine hourglass, especially important in a high neckline dress, which can potentially create an unflattering box effect on fuller figured ladies.

Puckered lips to mirror my puckered, gathered fabric at the top of the dress; such passion and exuberant lust to express over my beloved bakelite hoop earrings, a true summer staple.

Lovely golden ochre hued shoes to complete the deconstruction.

Monday morning commute soundtrack: "A Cheat" Jarvis Crocker (Lee Hazlewood cover); "Vivo sonhando (dreamer)" Antonio Carlos Jobim; "We Got Back the Plague" the Fiery Furnaces; "A Kick in the Teeth" Fischerspooner; "Don't Go Away" Margo Guryan; "Pleasure, Little Treasure" Depeche Mode; "Bishop, CA" Xiu Xiu; "Fame" David Bowie


  1. WOW,this dress is adorable!Feminine and chic!

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