Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outfit for a Wednesday: Silk and Flame

Generally, I wear this floral, paint brushed pattern skirt, a piece from Theory that I practically stole from TJ Maxx, paired with some fairly heavy opaque black or navy tights. Initially, when I was attempting to dream up some type of appropriately fun and funnily professional this morning during my shower, I was apprehensive that without the under layer tights, the skirt would appear a tad too short. Thankfully, once I tried them on, I was proven wrong.

Pairing a cream or white button-down blouse with a bold color, a red or purple or kelly green or a deep blue, is a great alternative to the traditionally typical white and neutral coupling.

This blouse, from Talbots, is silk, a fabric that is rather warm in the summer, but not too bad for sitting idly in a cubicle. Silk is one of those fabrics that has the effect of immediately imbuing my person and my look with a sense of elegance and sophistication, perhaps utterly feigned or borrowed.

This pattern evokes the whorls and swirls of van Gogh's Starry Night, in a fiery red as opposed to melancholically bucolic blues.

The hard lines and strict geometry of this particular necklace juxtapose nicely with the soft movement and texture of the skirt.

One of my mother's favorite and often repeated phrases involves stopped watches; apparently, they are accurate twice a day.

Wednesday evening writing soundtrack: Debut Bjork


  1. that's a beautiful skirt! love it paired with white for summer..much better!

  2. Your skirt is amazing. Great statement piece. Xxxx

  3. Pretty! I love silk too!
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  4. Now those shoes are something else!!!

    Would have loved to see this outfit seems bright and I lovvve bright clothes.

  5. I have a skirt from Vila in the colour of the shoes!!! :)

    cute pictures, thank you for that!

    Kisses from Germany,