Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dark and Stormy

Over the holiday weekend, to cool off after some time spent in the sun, the filmmaker and I enjoyed a few refreshing Dark and Stormy cocktails. Traditionally, the Dark and Stormy is made with Gosling's ginger beer and rum; originally, we had purchased some Gosling's ginger beer, but ultimately, succumbed to the follies and caprices of consumer-driven visual aesthetics and branding strategies, and bought an additional four pack. Gosling's came in a simple, muted can, while Fentiman's ginger beer was sleekly packaged in a classically sophisticated bottle.

These Collins or highball glasses were a find from my romanticized and infamous antique excursion back in Baltimore a few months back, over the Easter holiday, when my mother and I stumbled upon, once again, a junk and collections favorite, Weiner Dog Man. Indeed, these glasses, coming as a set of four, two yellow, a blue, and a green, were purchased from the dachshund fanatic himself, for a mere 15$. Not only do they complement the primary color accents of my modernized, kitsch, vintage aesthetic living and dining rooms, they are emblazoned with traditional bathing costumes for men and women. The quaint looks are rather charming.

In terms of rum, the Gosling's varietal was surpassed, again, having been seduced by the superficial whims of labels, in favor of The Kracken; for a spiced rum mixed in a highball drink, it was more than sufficient, but most importantly, it has a large entwining octopus crawling across the front. Though it is not visible from this vantage of the photograph, be warned, the creature is cruel and ghastly, in the midst of guzzling a large wooden ship.

The finished product is looking increasingly enticing to me, even as a two dimensional visual, in my heightened delirium; in addition to being the end of the day, the landlords of my office complex made the decision to shut down the air conditioning at the end of the day this summer. Although uncomfortable, the rising temperature, as the sun slowly dips below the horizon, is an excellent reminder for me to flee from the luring clutches of my laptop computer and to sip a cool iced drink.

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