Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebration, and a Brief Respite

These photographs are actually from a number of months ago, during a brief sojourn to my parent's home to celebrate my sister Elizabeth's birthday, as well as commemorate the valor and bravery of our nation's veterans for Memorial Day. As I have been recently musing, time has been sifting and sieving ever more quickly through my fingers, fleeting; looking back on these images and acknowledging that they are from months ago is bizarre.

I, finally, completed a long and tedious executive report today, one that has interfered as of late with both more serious and trivial leisure pursuits. Coming into my office as dawn is freshly cracked, oozing forth and warm, my attention to certain sartorial details, details in which I generally take pride, has waned, as has any inspiration to write. To celebrate the welcome end to this particular professional project, and the respite in more fulfilling and meaningful activities, I would love nothing more than a glass of bubbling prosecco. Alas, my afternoon is occupied with meetings and discussions, with little time to devote to superfluous spirits. This may seem like a ridiculous proposition, however, not such much when some key facts are taken into account: firstly, it is, indeed, afternoon; secondly, my company has apparently recently initiated a weekly Happy Hour schedule, designated for Wednesday afternoons. For today, I will have to wait for after hours.

I also would love nothing more than to abandon my rather boring charcoal slacks and cardigan outfit for a poppy colored summer dress, abandon my office building and frolic freely in the sun.

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  1. really cute dress
    love the bright color of it