Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outfit for a Wednesday: Polka Dot Linen

Despite its propensity to wrinkle, linen is an incredible summer fabric and a fabric that, as proven in an earlier outfit from the cold winter months, is also refreshingly versatile, depending on cut and the specific piece. This particular linen blouse features not only small dark navy polka dots, but elbow-length cuffed sleeves and a rounded, faux Peter Pan collar, lending it a light-hearted sensibility on top of its light, comfortable weight. To help counter balance the informality of the blouse, with its innocent nymph appeal, I paired it with a classic navy blue high-waisted skirt, featuring subtle side pockets just below the waist and puckered fabric accenting along the hips.

Over the weekend, while meandering through a local artist and studio crawl, featuring predominantly muted and tame watercolors, portrait photographs, and some insanely hideous pig-shaped pieces of detritus and trash being disguised as sculpture, the filmmaker introduced me to a new vintage shop. One of my finds included this entwined, intermingling golden chain necklace, a sort of metallic menage-a-trois. Immediately I was attacted to the slinky texture, reminiscent of a python, and the hefty, meaty weight.

This goldenrod, ochre color is a favorite of mine, particularly for accessories; the deep navy and gold combination is a classic, adding some flash to what is considered generally a neutral tone. Thankfully, vintage bakelite bangles and other jewelry always came in an array of yellows and golds.

To add a further ochre, caramel, butter feel, ingredients as colors, I layered my new twisted chain necklace with this tried and true vintage piece, with large flat square beads, which always remind me of antique television screens.

Golden ochre shoes are a wardrobe essential, as they complement almost every neutral tone and many colors, black, white, gray, navy, brown, red, purple, blue. One of my colleagues wore an almost identical pair, which featured a wedge as opposed to the tapered heel, and agreed, pronouncing her goldenrod shoes a necessity.


  1. i seriously might sneak up and steal this shirt. i freaking love polka dots!!! (and yes that merited THREE exclamation points.)

  2. I completely agree with you...nothing can match linen in summers! Love all the articles!Its very chic..Linen can absorb up to 65% of its own weight and is a typical summer fibre. These stuffs are sure to look gorgeous in summer!

  3. A polka dot shirt with a necklace like that, that's so amazing. You've got a style I really like! You should definitely post a picture of you wearing the outfit, that would make the pictures even more fun to watch (:


  4. Love the color palette and the polka dots! I've been craving shades of yellow lately, not normal for me. :-)

    Maryjane xoxo

  5. Lovely choices! I really like the new necklace, I've never seen that style of chain twisted before.

  6. I love the necklace/gold shoes!

  7. i love your outfit! and your polka dotted top is fab! and yes, linens are a must this summer..great post! love your blog! following you now..hope you follow my blog too! kisses!