Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hey Little Sister, What's Your Vice and Wish?

A few weekends ago, while out and about on a jaunt with the filmmaker, I celebrated the impending summer season of sun and frivolities with a crisp white skirt. I own a few white skirts, mostly light cotton or linen blends, one denim, but this one in particular is favorite, with its asymmetrical creased fabric fold accent. A clean, simple white skirt is a classic summer look, and a highly versatile one at that, pairing marvelously with nautical stripes, bold tones, pastels, brights, and other neutrals like black and camel. Though the white cotton skirt is intrinsically casual and care-free, it can be elevated to a slightly more formal look, depending on the blouse, shoes, and other accessories.

Originally, on this particular night out, the filmmaker and I had intended to shoot some pool at a local joint, in between our towns; our plans were horribly thwarted. We arrived, and in the very area housing the billiards tables, there was scheduled a rather pathetic appearing ten year reunion of some type; mismatched shoes and belts, exuberant make-up styles, and glasses of house chardonnay abounded. Despite the disappointment, the filmmaker managed to capture a number of exquisite photographs; as always, he has quite the ability to capture and elucidate an internal fervor and passion, and, conversely, elusive coyness. With his trickery and charm, he can tease a smile out of anyone, and he translates that energy remarkably well with his camera.

In the above images, while I am dashing and dancing about my apartment getting dressed and choosing jewelry, the filmmaker hand-crafted with printer paper and permanent marker a red filter. I am not overtly cognizant of my poses in any of these shots; however, I genuinely enjoy the postures and positions in all of them. Again, it is that great artistic eye of my dear filmmaker. The filter lends a sort of aged characteristic to these images, a sort of eerie softness and intrigue, as if they were photographs found buried at the bottom of an old hat box beneath the bed.

When the filmmaker takes photographs during my primping process, I am, obviously, not at all paying attention to him; I love the proportions of my body to the reflection of my face in the mirror.

This vintage purse is a three-in-one bag: black pattern leather is shown above, and the outer layer can be reversed to display a floral carpet pattern, or removed to show a black fabric underneath. The handle is clear lucite, so overall, this purse is sleek, and a personal favorite from my immense collection.

The weekend seems to have made me deliriously happy.

The above photograph is a bit blurred, but I still love the expression, as if I am surprised. My lip color for the evening is a subtle plum, a lipstick that I have had for a few years and am, finally, almost ready to finish. Plum is a great default lip color, depending on skin tones, as it is not as pert and caustic as many reds, so can be worn well more casually.


  1. your haircut is shorter than i realized ! LOVE IT !

  2. I love the ones of you smiling, as well as the final photo where you have a bit of a 'smize' going on.

  3. That lip color is gorgeous!