Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celine Resort 2011

It may be the masochistic aspect of my personality, but as of late, feeling as though I may collapse and perish for want of a true vacation, fully cognizant that a day or two of sight-seeing while in Prague on business does not quite count, I have been recompensing by obsessing over the recent beautiful resort collections of my favorite designers. Resort collections often feature crisp whites and bold hues in orange, red, and golden yellows; the collection from Celine this year is no exception. While I admire the draping and structure of all the pieces, I prefer the monochromatic and solid color looks to the patterns; I did not find the tight, paint splattering patterns alluring or of interest.

In the above, the sleeveless, stark and simple dress coupled with the duel silver cuffs is both elegant and rather intense.

Again, the subtle bondage-evoking silver cuffs; I was also struck with the simplicity of this cut and the hidden pockets, as well as the classic Celine clutch.

Currently, I am on the prowl for a warm mocha brown dress slack; due to my hips, I would not be able to wear something quite as loose and wide-legged, however, I generally am attracted to the effect.

Black monochrome with heavy gold accents is a favorite look of mine, as it is effortless and forever provocative.

This white jacket is rather unique; I would like to see a front view.

In the first look, I would do away with the turtleneck, it appears suffocating and it distracts from the cascading ruffled little black dress with its accompanying heavy cuff and large leather clutch. I, personally, would not be able to wear the severe high-neck cut of the second dress, but appreciate the structure of the piece and love the color blocking. In both, my favorite feature is the large, almost briefcase like clutch; it is beautiful.

This looks so cool and comfortable, ready for waltzing onto a small yacht, sailing off into the sinusoidal waves, slowly and surely rocking back and forth, and disappearing into the horizon.

(images taken from New York Magazine, Fashion section)


  1. Ooh, I really like these selections. They are very 70's and I like the draping but I agree with you that the monochromatic colors are best.

    Nice post
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  2. i love it, love the selections!

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  3. OMG i'm in love with the yellow bag , so amzing :)

  4. Wow this really is a lovely collection.

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  5. i will take the last one. :) the all white look \is flowy and looks like i could be sipping a martini with it on :) lol

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