Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alarm Clock Malfunction

Earlier this morning, I woke, naturally, on my own accord; despite knowing I had no early morning teleconferences or work obligations, at least as of last evening when I had quickly perused my email, I still panicked slightly, a Pavlovian habitual condition. My alarm clock radio had failed me, refusing, for some unknown reason to sound at the designated time; initially, I blamed technology. Just now, as I return from the grocery store to hear the alarm sounding, probably having been wailing for the past half hour at least, I realize, much to my dismay, the fault is my own: the clock has been set twelve hours ahead for weeks, inversing the AM and PM. Idiocy.Thankfully, it was not much past my normal rising schedule, and though I had adequate time to ready myself for the office, I did not have much time to deliberate over a creative outfit for the day. So, a classic and simple look: monochromatic black, with a black blouse and plain black dress slacks, accented with a cream and gold belt.

This blouse requires no necklace, as gold flat coin-like beads tile the top near the neckline in layers. It has an elastic waistband, lending itself to a belt; since I wore black pants, the cream belt did not serve to create awkward proportions, and instead served to bolster an illusion of a single jumpsuit type of look.

These black and cream domino-like earrings evoke bakelite, however, I am not sure if they are genuine or not; with my myriad knowledge of vintage plastics, I should be able to test them and determine once and for all. They are simultaneously bold and simple, working perfectly to unite the cream leather of my belt with the black blouse and pants.

This buckle can be a bit much, depending on how I am pairing this particular belt, however, the black pants and top could easily subdue and submiss the glint and the gleam of the gold.

With warm weather, strappy heels in the office become appropriate; these slingbacks have a nice height to them without being uncomfortable, ideal for my slightly longer black dress slacks, salvaging them from a destiny of dusting the carpet and hardwood floors.


  1. love that shirt!


  2. Lovely!

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  3. Nice blog dear!
    im following both google connection and also via bloglovin. Hope you do the same :)