Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Beautiful Brunch and Beau

On Saturday morning, before I departed on my business trip to Prague, the filmmaker and I went out to brunch at a local deli, cafe, bakery type of place, a neighborhood joint where one can easily eat in, enjoy the friendly banter amongst the congenial staff, or take out for a picnic. After living in my town almost two years, I discovered this place mere months ago; the filmmaker and I have since become welcome regulars. We are greeted warmly and with smiles. This most recent weekend visit, I tried the daily special, a decadently layered baked French bread, with a side of bacon, which was ridiculously delicious, while the filmmaker opted for his tried and true choice of waffles, also with a side of bacon.

I loathe monotony, or perhaps, more foundational to that, complacency; within the last twenty-four hours I have technically traveled to two new countries and have already exposed my heart and mind to new beautiful parts of the world. Exploration and constant learning is refreshing, is, for me, the metaphoric vital organs of the spirit.

That being said, there is something equally beautiful about the comforts of a home, of being able to sit in contented and pleasant idle silence before someone who cares for you wildly and deeply, sipping a cup of strong coffee, or tea, preparing for the adventures of the day.

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  1. That looks yummy! =)