Friday, May 6, 2011

Serpentine Seduction with Ralph Lauren

Earlier this week, the sun played a rather cruel trick, deciding to once again disappear to somewhere foreign and unknown, and allow the gray clouds and thunderous rains to reign the sky once more. With the temperature dipping down so low, I deciding to bring out a few of my new favorite winter pieces for one more jaunt around the office block, before stowing them away until next season.

The bronze, golden brown metallic of this skirt is surprisingly versatile; the material is also surprisingly light, so I may be wearing this occasionally throughout the spring with footless tights, or hopefully soon enough, some bare legs.

Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers, for both men's and women's wear, especially for the formal or polished casual look, the effervescent, carefree, I could step out onto a mountain ranch or raise the sails on my own boat, and still look fabulous, type of design. Everyday glamor. I also have always enjoyed the myriad of cultural and historical and environmental influences pooled from for their collections and pieces. When I saw this sweater, with the coiling, slinking, embroidered Miltonian snake, with his sleek and shimmering profile, his flirtatious flicker of a long tongue, I was immediately seduced and lured with the detailing; when I saw the sweater was Ralph Lauren, I was further convinced of its position as a wardrobe necessity. Soft, and well-fitted, without being painted on tight, this sweater wears easily, with either a skirt or more tailored black office slacks.

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