Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giraffe Garnish and Pesto Pasta

A lemon drop for Thursday evening, decorated with a jaunty plastic giraffe.

One of the filmmaker's drawings; I have amassed quite the gallery of them.

spears of asparagus
large red pepper
goat's milk ricotta
pesto (this time, I used store bought, which was fresh and delicious, as well as a welcome time saver)
penne, or other noodle shape of preference (though, the penne has a great texture and firmness)
Italian sausage
salt and pepper
olive oil

Basically, all of the above ingredients can be combined in whatever proportion seems appropriate, depending on the size of the crowd, from a solitary party to a whole crew. First, I sauteed the asparagus and red pepper; in retrospect, some onion would have been a great addition, but my grocery store excursion on Thursday evening was harried and I forgot. Simultaneously, for the most part, I cooked the Italian sausage; generally, I will cut into the links into coins so that meat will be well incorporated. Meanwhile, on the stove my pasta water was boiling away.

When the pasta finishes cooking and is still warm, add the vegetables, sausage, and a copious amount of ricotta. Lastly, add some pesto, again, to taste, and depending on the size of the group.

Next time, sun dried tomatoes may be making an appearance as well.

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  1. This looks delicious! Can't wait till Thursday!