Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black Celebration and Big Red

On Saturday evening, after a rainy and gloomy day filled with waffles for lunch and lounging in bed, the filmmaker and I sauntered over to a nearby neighborhood casual bar, to watch my alma mater lacrosse team play in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Lacrosse, both playing and watching, has always been an integral part of my interests, namely my interest in the physicality of the human body, its limits and its extremes. It is an exciting, fast, and skillful game, so it is a joy to play and an exhilaration to watch. Spending a predominance of his youth in the Midwest, where lacrosse has only in recent years spread, the filmmaker does not share my inherent passion, but accompanied me nonetheless and asked thoughtful questions to learn more about the sport and my favorite team.

Ranked number two entering the preliminary tournament match, Cornell trounced Hartford, a small liberal arts university in the northeast, out pacing their amateur players to loose balls, aggressively checking and defending their goal, and shooting rocket power shots at the opponent's goal. The Big Red painted the field in hawk blood. Confident that my team would prevail, I was able to celebrate the victory for the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately, I do not own many red pieces of clothing, but had decided to instead keep my team spirit in my heart and re-purpose this black and white kaleidoscope dress instead. An older member of my closet, I have not worn this dress in ages, because I recently discovered a small oil stain near the hem, the origin of which remains a total mystery. Though I have attacked this inconvenience with an arsenal of stain solutions, it has persisted, thrived, apparently also intent on remaining victorious.

Since I love the silken texture of the dress and the pattern, with its rays that emanate out from a single point, as opposed to immediately discarding it, I decided to wear the number yet again, as a top tucked into these black tailored shorts.

Heavy plastic bangles in black and white serve as perfect accessories for this bi-chromatic look.

In the evenings, the temperature continues to dip more toward the freezing point than is desired, so footless tights with skirts, or in this case shorts, have become a wardrobe staple.

As I was dancing around with my clothes and my make-up, forgoing heavy eyeshadow in favor of a single line of deep plum purple eyeliner on my lower lid, the filmmaker and I were listening to the Depeche Mode album 101, their live performance at the Rose Bowl stadium; incredible document of their god-like musical capabilities.

Before heading out and about on the town, during the lounging phase of the day, I was honored and privileged, when the filmmaker shared with me his thesis film. I will not bring his film to the state of some paltry thing here with my words, but will say that it was beautiful, intelligent, coherent, structured yet fluid, and of great interest.

These earrings are some of the first pairs of clip-ons I have ever owned, and are probably from when I was in high school. The triangle shape is rather unique for clip-ons; many are round.

This vintage handbag was a bargain purchase: it is actually three different styles of handbag in one. I am using the black patent leather purse, however, the outer layer can be removed to reveal a black fabric purse in the center and then the extra outer layer can be reversed, for a floral carpet fabric look. Generally, I stick with the patent leather, but it is great to have options.


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  2. that blouse is so beautiful!

  3. Love your blouse! Cute outfit!


  4. I love lacrosse! It is so much fun! I only played my freshman year of high school, but had to quit for another sport. But I still love it.

    You look lovely in this outfit! I love the shirt, I love that it is stripes but it isn't stripes that are in a typical horizontal or vertical position. It makes it that much more fun! What a great twist!

    I love the earrings and the lip color as well.
    Very gawwwgess.

  5. Love the shirt/ dress! And Depeche Mode!