Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday Gimlet: Amalgamations and Libations

Some adult-themed eye candy, and other avian and mammalian frivolities, for sustenance and amusement and gentle encouragement to survive the week to Friday afternoon; I made this Tanqueray gin gimlet for myself yesterday evening, before unwinding with a subdued and poetic French romance film, to enjoy after another long haul in front of my laptop preparing material for a client teleconference this afternoon. As usual, though often unrecognized, my hard work paid off; the client team is ecstatic, and I can flee the region and the final desperate and pleading piles of melting snow, for Providence, and my weekend sojourn with Rebecca.

Another one of the filmmakers great, nonchalant pieces; this one in black and white reminds me a bit of a more geometric Beardsley, or perhaps an Egan. Perhaps some cross pollination between the two and Mondrian. I love these sketches, and I love watching his hands and markers work, tranquilly, with utter confidence and ease.

This wind-up chick hops across flat surfaces; cheap and glorious fun, uncovered from the grocery store check-out.

If you have fallen on desperate times, and have not a lime or lemon peel or one single maraschino cherry with which to garnish a cocktail, these plastic monkey figurines work wonders in a pinch.


  1. that looks delicious! you make such delicious cocktails. you should post the recipes since you are not hear to be my bartender.

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