Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Gray Skies

Rather harried and last minute planning for an upcoming meeting at work has resulted in quite a delay in my more trivial and calming pursuits, namely, taking photographs of my outfits and writing exhausting diatribes on the arts of mixing prints, marrying textures, dressing monochromatically. Earlier this week, I found some sartorial inspiration in the bleak atmosphere, the slush and the ice, and donned a light charcoal look, accented with some navy blue and a jewel green.

Initially, I planned on wearing the turtle neck alone, but the cold winds encouraged me to throw this cocoon shrug over top. The shrug has an amorphous quality to it, but I like the proportions of the sleeves with the gray top. Also, since I tuck my turtle neck neatly into my pressed skirt, the shrug hugs at my waist, just where my skirt sits; again, ideal proportions, which create an illusion of structure, even with the most shapeless of pieces.

This is one of my favorite silk scarves; the green is subtly vibrant.

This skirt has a youthful look, with a fuller but not overly voluminous cut and a slightly shorter length; its heavy weight is ideal for the cruel weather the northeast has been succumbed to lately.

Again, this skirt is rather playful, and the front features pleated accents and a small bow.

I chose a heavy silver lucite bangle and some costume earrings, with rhinestones splayed about a pair of pearls.

Tuesday morning commute soundtrack: "Pale Shelter" Tears for Fears; "Reeling in the Years" Steely Dan; "Wild Horses" Rolling Stones; "Revolution's a Lie" Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti; "Blood is Thicker than Water" William DeVaughn; "Lily (My One and Only)" the Smashing Pumpkins


  1. i LOVE that scarf!

  2. the scarf adds a lovely pop of color! lovely!
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  3. love the color's combination of the scarf, really beautiful and the skirt is quite lovely ;) Love the whole outfit.


  4. great pop of color for the outfit..
    The bottom is gorgeous it looks like
    it will flow so nicely..


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  5. great pairing! I love the pearls and the bangles!

    Love from SF,