Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday Rain Adventure

To combat seasonal affectation, more colloquially known as cabin fever, the filmmaker and I went on an adventurous frolic last Sunday to enjoy the pleasantly warmer weather, despite the heavy precipitation. Luckily, I, for once, prepared myself appropriately for the spring season and the ever-dreaded cruelest month, April, by purchasing some Polo rain boots the other week at TJ Maxx. The price was definitely right, the fit is ideal, they are comfortable, and the boots are rather adorable, and comfortable and functional.

For our adventure, we traversed to a local park, which has a picnic area; being pummeled by rain, after a winter of snow and ice, everything was forlorn and lonely.

This fireplace has a strange, decayed look, but I am positive will be cleaned up and ready for some roasted marshmallows in no time.

I embroidered this whale applique on this canvas bag a few years ago; very handy for trips to the library or the farmer's market, and also nice for prancing around in the rain, since it can easily be tossed into the washing machine. I have embroidered a number of canvas bags over the years, for both myself and my friends, others being more elaborate and often featuring colorful foods and treats and bizarre weapons.

These caverns of snow, clinging desperately to existence, are the structure and the chromatic inverse of mountain ranges.

Snow stalactite, slowly crawling towards demise, and an already very saturated earth.

These albino, ghost white leaves pitched against naked black trees was both beautiful and haunting. It appeared as though the greens, reds, oranges, browns were drained, perhaps sucked back through the channels of rotting xylem to the dark core.

In the evening, I warmed myself with some very sweet, fruity red wine, and some miniature chocolate peanut butter cups. The wine was imported to California, I believe, from South Africa, and is indeed a sweet shiraz; blackberry and strawberry flavors are prominent, and have a jam quality to them deserving of the name.

I balanced the sweet of the wine with a juicy havarti cheese and avocado hamburger.

Another fun and bright drawing, courtesy of the filmmaker.


  1. Love those bags, still use mine. The fruit being impaled is a bit of a manrepeller, which I appreciate.

  2. Awesome!

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